Guest Post: Beautycounter

Today, my good friend Drew is taking over the Hermosa Jewelry Blog for our first GUEST POST!  Drew and I have are having a SIP-SAMPLE-SHOP party with Hermosa Jewelry and Beautycounter tomorrow in the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  I’ll let Drew take it away…
Guest Post: Beautycounter by Drew McKnight

All about my new favorite thing: Beautycounter, a beauty company dedicated to getting safe products into the hands of everyone

all about beautycounter from Living Well Kitchen

My love of Beautycounter all started a few months ago with a simple email. My friend, Katie, sent me a sweet email about her new passion Beautycounter and suggested I check it out.

Next thing I know I am rummaging through all my beauty products, reading labels, and filling my Beautycounter shopping cart with products.

After talking to Katie for almost 2 hours about Beautycounter – the fabulous products, the philosophy of the brand, and all about the growing company dedicated to getting safe beauty products into the hands of everyone, I immediately fell in love and decided to try a few things. A few days later, I purchased a few more things. And then a few days later I ordered a few more things.

Long story short, I am seriously obsessed with everything I’ve tried.

It’s funny that I am just now really investigating what is in beauty products. I mean extra time at the grocery store analyzing every single item that goes into my grocery cart which eventually goes into my body, but I’ve never given much thought to what I put on my body.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so you obviously absorb what you put on it. If you take nothing else away from this post, I encourage you to remember to think not just about what goes in your body but also about what goes on your body.

all about beautycounter

Do you know what some of those words in your lotion’s ingredients even mean? Most people don’t. I didn’t until I started doing some exploring into that subject.

Something that I found to be incredibly upsetting is that over 80% of cosmetic ingredients have not been tested for safety… um, what?!

Or that the last year federal law was passed to govern cosmetics safety was in 1938 {that’s over 75 years ago!}

Seriously, this disturbs me to no end. Needless to say, I was immediately drawn to Beautycounter’s mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone.

Yes, there are lots of options for safe beauty products. But, truth be told, I don’t know that I have the brain capacity to remember or the time to figure out every ingredient that I should avoid.

This is why I love Beautycounter so much! They’ve done the work for me. Beautycounter restricts over 1500 ingredients in their products {compared to the measly 11 restricted in the US}, so I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting onto my body. Plus, the price point is really nice {no $60 face wash here; the facewash I like from Beautycounter is $24}.

If you’re like me and you can’t bear to throw out all your current products, don’t stress. However, I am encouraging you to take a look at your beauty products and learn more about what’s in them. Start with the products that you use the most and pick safer choices. You can wait until you run out of shampoo to replace them but don’t sacrifice your health just because it’s in your routine or it’s a little less expensive.

Here are some of my favorite, most recommended Beautycounter products

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen from beautycounter

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen: this was the first thing I bought and it continues to be the thing I rave about the most. It’s the best concealer pen I’ve ever used. I can wear it all day long and it is still on at night. It doesn’t make my uber-sensitive eyes hurt {yay!}. It’s the best!

beautycounter rosewater

Rosewater Uplifting Spray: I like to spray this on my face in the middle of the day. A quick spritz wakes me up a little bit and revives my make-up. It’s super refreshing and smells wonderful. Rosewater is beneficial for soothing and calming skin.

vibrant eye perfector from beautycounter

Countertime Vibrant Eye Perfector: I have the most sensitive eyes ever. I have tried countless eye creams but inevitably after a few weeks they start to irritate my eyes. It’s upsetting how expensive eye creams are and then to have them make your eyes hurt, ugh. But I’ve used this eye cream for two months {much longer than I’ve ever been able to use any other} and love that it doesn’t cause irritation. I can’t say that my dark circles have been diminished because I haven’t been watching out for that.

beautycounter lustro oil 3

Lustro Face Oil 3 – Ylang Ylang & Wild Chamomile: I honestly never thought I would put an oil on my face. That sounds so counterintuitive – I don’t want an oily face so I’m not going to put oil on it, right? Wrong! This face oil balances out oil production. It keeps my face smooth and soft but doesn’t break out my skin. I know it’s going to be a life saver when the cold weather is here to stay for a few months and my skin gets dry. You use a teeny tiny amount, so it lasts for a long time. I’m officially a face oil convert!
Just a note: there are three face oil options. The one I have {Lustro Face Oil 3} is for combination skin.

Lip Sheer from beautycounter

Lip Sheers: oh my gosh y’all these are the best things ever. They go on light but you can layer for a darker, more impactful color. The vanilla scent is amazing. Lipstick usually dries out my lips and lip balm can be boring, but these lips sheers keep lips nice and smooth with a pop {or a lot} of color. My two favorite colors {currently} are Scarlett and Twig.

Color Sweet Blush Duos from beautycounter

Color Sweep Blush Duo – Tawny/Whisper: I can’t describe how much I love this blush. There are three options and I really like all of them. But if I have to pick a favorite, this one is it. It’s almost like a blush and bronzer in one. It’s really natural looking on your skin and it feels amazing on your face.

eye duo from beautycounter

Color Shade Eye Duo – Pearl/Champagne: I love that it brightens my eyes {even after only 6 hours of sleep}. It’s subtle but build-able so you can make the colors more evident if desired. There are many other eye shadow options but in the spirit of including just my favorites {and not overwhelming you with every single thing}, this one is my most beloved color in my make-up bag right now. The Oyster/Amethyst duo is my other favorite.

To purchase any Beautycounter products, simply visit my website here.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Drew McKnight


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Suno & Hampden Event

Hampden Logo

On Friday, I attended the ultra-chic Suno event hosted by Hampden Clothing located in the heart of King Street in downtown Charleston.  As I walked in, the music was bumping, champagne was flowing, and the crowd was bustling.  Local beer from Coast Brewing and Fatty’s Beerworks was on draft and kept the party hydrated while we swooned over the array of designers and high fashion styles from around the world.

Suno showcased an exclusive line of clothes designed just for Hampden with live models scattered around the party.  The designers, Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis launched their socially conscience fashion label in 2008 after witnessing post-election violence in Kenya.  The Suno line is full of beautiful colors and textures that are incorporated into high end tailoring using local talent from Kenya, India, Peru and New York.

Suno x Hampden Event | Hermosa Jewelry Blog


The models were decked out in Lizzie Fortunato bold statement necklaces and long randiant earrings.  I had the pleasure of meeting the adorable twin sisters, Lizzie and Kathryn that are the masterminds behind the fascinating Lizzie Fortunato brand based in New York.  It was refreshing to talk to them and discuss the joys and the struggles of growing and managing a jewelry line.   Not only do they design jewelry but also whimsical clutches and shoulder bags that perfectly accent their jewelry.

Lizzie Fortunato | Hermosa Jewelry Blog Lizzie Fortunato | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

I will have to say the highlight of my night was meeting the infamous fashion blogger, Blair Eadie.  Blair started her blog, Atlantic-Pacific  at the beginning of the blogging boom and has amassed a huge following throughout the many years and many outfits later.  Her style is sophisticated and chic, mixing high fashion designers like Chanel and Valentino with affordable options like J Crew and Zara.  Not only does she have one of the most popular fashion blogs out there, but she also serves at the Director of Merchandising at Tory Burch in New York.  What a badass…right?!
Blair Eadie | Hermosa Jewelry BlogBlair was genuine and refined as we chatted about her weekend plans in Charleston from bike rides around the city to dinner plans at the hottest restaurants in town.  I custom made a pearl statement necklace for her and gave it to her at the party.  I am a huge fan of her blog and timeless style as they provide me with a little daily dose of fashion inspiration.  Her hard work and creativity remind me to never give up on my dreams.

If you can’t tell, I had a blast on Friday night.  Kudos to Hampden Clothing for throwing such a glamorous yet fun party.   Until next time…


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Spotlight: Rebecca Hinson Art

I’m so excited to reveal my custom watercolor fashion illustrations painted by my talented friend, Rebecca Hinson.  Growing up, she was always painting, drawing, and taking private art lessons.  Rebecca had aspirations of moving to New York to study fashion design.  Instead, Rebecca graduated from the College of Charleston, majoring in Business and minoring in Art History and now owns her own company, Rebecca Hinson Art.  Rebecca has made Charleston her home and finds much of her inspiration from the people, streets, and beaches of the Holy City.  Recently, I had the pleasure of touring her sunlit studio, located at 218 King Street in Downtown Charleston.

Rebecca Hinson  painting in her studio in Charleston, SC
Rebecca Hinson painting in her studio in Charleston, SC. She is wearing a Hermosa Oyster Necklace.

Rebecca specializes in oil paintings and fashion illustrations, with many of her subjects being local historic architecture and southern scenes.  Rebecca is currently focusing on her fashion illustrations, as this is the closest thing to pursuing her dream of being a fashion designer. I personally have an obsession with fashion illustrations and couldn’t be happier with the two pieces that Rebecca custom painted for me.  I know I will treasure them for years to come!

Fashion Illustration of Haley Keisler, owner and designer of Hermosa Jewelry | Rebecca Hinson Art
Haley Keisler, owner and designer of Hermosa Jewelry
Hermosa Jewelry Fashion Illustration | Rebecca Hinson Art
Illustration of just a few of my favorite things
Rebecca Hinson Art | Fashion Illustrations in Charleston, SC
Other fashion illustrations by Rebecca Hinson

If you would like your own custom fashion illustration, please contact Rebecca.  You can purchase her art online here.  Make sure to follow her beautiful artistic talents on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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Amanda Valentine & Project Runway

Amanda Valentine Project Runway Runner-Up | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

Amanda Valentine may have not been the overall winner of this season’s Project Runway, but she was the clear winner in my book!  After being kicked off in season 11, the LA turned Nashville native and sister to James Valentine (the drummer for Maroon 5), was voted by fans to return to season 13 for a second shot at showing at the coveted Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Throughout the season she was able to show the judges (and America) that she had grown and discovered her voice as a designer, with her boho-chic street pieces winning multiple challenges and consistently being in the top designers week after week.

Maxi Collage of Top Designs | Hermosa Jewelry

Her signature maxi dresses, with detailed color blocking and mix matched fabrics had her name invisibly stamped into the seams each time they took the runway, and left me reaching for my computer to research if and where I could get my hands on her clothes.

Amanda Valentine Fashion | Hermosa Jewlery

Amanda, unlike the other three designers that showed at Fashion Week, designed runway chic yet ready to wear clothes for the  20-30 something trendy girl. To give some perspective, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and Zach Posen, all compared her designs to a modern day DVF. To make her collection, and for that matter herself as a designer, more interesting, Amanda designed all the jewelry pieces that really tied all the outfits and 10 piece runway show together. Her heavy metal cuffs and necklaces, mixed with the flowy fabrics, and colors gave some of the more basic pieces the edge that they needed.

Amanda Valentine Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Hermosa Jewelry

She showed that jewelry and clothes go hand-in-hand, and the runway ready can also be street ready. Amanda has since made appearances on the hit TV show Nashville, and has expanded her line into high end designs inspired by her Fashion Week Collection.

Amanda Valentine | Hermosa Jewlery

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Collection | Hermosa Jewelryxoxo,

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SPOTLIGHT: V2V Charleston

Yesterday I met with the ladies of V2V, a colorful boutique that has been open for over a decade on King Street, Downtown Charleston.  We are currently planning a big Fall Fashion event so stay tuned for the details.  V2V is stocked full of beautiful dresses, fun accessories, and must have Fall boots! I shopped around and found some amazing outfits to add to my Wishlist (my birthday is just around the corner).  Here are my top looks that are a must have for Fall!

Alice & Trixie | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

Alice & Trixie Hot Pink Blouse ($288) // Alice & Trixie Black Circle Skirt ($148)  // Hermosa Jewelry Crystalline Necklace ($115)

Alice & Trixie | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

Alice & Trixie long pink Maxi dress ($400)  //  Hermosa Jewelry Azalea Arrowhead Necklace ($88)Ark & Co Dress | Hermosa Jewelry

Ark & Co. Champagne Dress ($78) //  Hermosa Jewelry Cumberland Turquoise Necklace ($198)

Amanda Uprichard Haley Floral Dress | Hermosa Jewelry Blog


Amanda Uprichard Haley Floral Silk Dress ($258)  //  Hermosa Jewelry Emily Onyx Necklace ($160)

Taryn and Heidi of V2V

The wonderful staff at V2V, Taryn and Heidi, look super chic in Hermosa! Taryn, on left, is wearing the Hermosa Jewelry Angola Tusk Necklace ($75) and Heidi, on right, is modeling the Hermosa Jewelry Rosie Necklace ($120)

To order any of the outfits above, stop by V2V next time you are downtown Charleston or call 843-723-5155.  You can shop all of the featured jewelry at or call 843-696-3449.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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Spotlight: Eclectic Charleston

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a Charleston Blogger Meet ‘n Greet at Eclectic Charleston, owned by the talented Sidney Wagner.  Eclectic is a unique interior design studio and home decor shop filled with furniture, art, accessories, lighting and other unique goods for the home.

Eclectic Charleston | Hermosa Jewelry
875 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC

Sidney’s beautiful design studio was such an inspiration from the minute I walked in.  I admire her as an uber-creative female entrepreneur right here in Charleston, SC.  I enjoyed getting the chance to chat with her, as we had a lot of parallel experiences and business ideas.

Eclectic Charleston | Hermosa Jewelry
Sidney Wagner & I at the Charleston Blogger Meet ‘n Greet

Sidney’s beautiful design studio was such an inspiration from the minute I walked in.  The colors, textures, furniture, and art were placed perfectly to create a beautiful design gallery.
Eclectic Charleston | Hermosa Jewelry Eclectic Charleston | Hermosa Jewelry Electic Charleston | Hermosa JewelryStop by Eclectic the next time you may need a thoughtful gift, new piece of art, or furniture for your home.  Sidney will be delighted to help you and also to answer any design questions you may have.  Follow @ElecticCharleston on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook in the meantime for daily design inspirations!


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Get out & Grill in Celebration of Earth Day

Earth Day | Hermosa Jewelry With today being Earth Day and the high in the 80’s in Denver, it is the perfect day to get outside and grill. Before dinner, consider biking to one of my favorite places in town, Lala’s Wine Bar and Pizzeria. You will receive a free New Belgium beer for riding your bike in celebration of Earth Day.

Tonight, try something new, easy, and delicious instead of the standard grilling options. Turkey burgers can be a healthy substitute for your cheeseburger craving, and if made correctly can be equally delicious.

Turkey Burgers

Humboldt Turkey Burgers (makes 4 burgers):

  • One pound of ground turkey
  • One red onion (chopped)
  • One red bell pepper (chopped)
  • One small container of crumbled Feta cheese
  • Handful of fresh parsley (chopped)
  • One garlic clove (minced)
  • One egg
  • salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper to season

In a large mixing bowl combine ground turkey, chopped red onion, chopped bell pepper and feta. Add chopped parsley, minced garlic, and egg. Mix well using hands. Add seasoning. Divide into four sections and form patties. Let rest on plate in fridge until ready to cook. Cook thoroughly on grill (about 5 minutes per side depending on heat of grill). Serve with homemade or store-bought sweet potato fries and a side salad. Enjoy!

Happy Earth Day, and happy grilling season!


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Get Ready for Summer with Yoga

In order to get ready for bikini season and the move back to Charleston, Hermosa has been hitting the yoga mat!

A trend seeming to stick, yoga is good for not only the body, but also the mind. It releases stress levels while detoxifying the body as a whole. In fact, a study done at the University of California Berkeley found that women who practice yoga rated their body satisfaction 20% higher than those who only practiced aerobics. The practice makes you use your body and push it to its limits, producing a toned outcome from your own strength.Yoga Transforms Body | Hermosa Jewelry

My favorite studio in Denver to practice is CorePower Yoga, which was started by an avid outdoorsman from Telluride, CO.  With multiple locations in Denver and across the US, CorePower is a company based on making yoga accessible to all levels through variety.  I’ve noticed a significant change in my body as a whole.  Since regular practice of hot power yoga, I’ve noticed better sleep, have higher awareness and energy during the day, and stand taller with confidence in myself.


There are so many ways to get involved with yoga. For more information on CorePower visit their website or Facebook page. The studio offers a free week to new students. Not ready to make the commitment yet? Try these beginner poses listed in Fitness Magazine at home.



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Share to Win the Lulu Necklace

This week we are celebrating Spring with a Giveaway! The Lulu necklace has three strands of white faceted jade, pink freshwater pearls, clear Swarovski crystals, natural turquoise, hammered gold rings and toggle clasp ($225 value).  See below for the deets.

Giveaway Image

Facebook Rules:

Instagram Rules:

  • Follow @hermosajewelry on Instagram
  • Regram (take screenshot) and use hashtag #hermosajewelry

You can enter once a day until 12AM mst on April 1st, 2014.  Increase your chances by entering on both Facebook and Instagram.  The winner will be announced next week!


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Spring 2014 Trends

Spring has sprung which means it’s time to pull out your bikes, buy Red Rocks tickets, get your camping gear ready, and switch out your closet from bulky sweaters to fun flirty dresses! Springtime always seems to be the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe as magazines and designers come up with the newest colors, trends, and must have looks of the season.

Spring 2014 is all about the pastels, just in time for Easter. In fact, it seems like the trendiest colors would fit perfectly into an Easter basket.

Spring 2014 Color Trends | Hermosa Jewelry

Whether it’s a blazer, blouse, skirt, pants, or shoes, wear pastels and you can’t go wrong. This season, Hermosa is digging the H&M look book featuring the beautiful Miranda Kerr. The structured pleated skirt paired with the flowing white blouse is the perfect combo for work or weekend brunch, and both pieces can be worn separately which is always a plus when shopping for trends. The Harper Watermelon Necklace would tie the look together perfectly.

H&M Blous and Skirt-Harper Watermelon Necklace | Hermosa Jewelry

Another trend we are seeing this season, though seemingly timeless, is the classic black and white combo. Inspired by a Tibi runway look, InStyle Magazine suggests pairing a white feminine dress with a more masculine “no-nonsense” black cargo jacket for a daytime wear that can easily transition to nighttime. Throw on the Sierra Leone necklace for a pop of turquoise, and you’re ready for the runway!

Black and White-Sierra Leone Neclace | Hermosa Jewelry

Finally, we’ve all seen them making their way back into stores. Start your abs work out because crop tops are in! Though we tend to think of these belly shirts in a more casual light paired with jean shorts and gladiators, there are ways to dress up the look. Inspired by designer Lela Rose, InStyle Magazine suggests pairing your crop top with a high waist pencil skirt to cover your midriff. For a fun twist, try abstract patterns. Tie in the different shapes and colors with the Icarus Ice necklace for an office chic look.

Crop Top and Pencil Skirt-Icarus Ice Necklace | Hermosa Jewelry

No matter who says what is in, the best trend is whatever makes you feel and look great. And a Hermosa statement piece doesn’t hurt!


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