Inside the Hermosa Jewelry Studio + Showroom

I am so excited to finally reveal the Hermosa Jewelry Studio and Showroom!  It took about a month to get everything moved in, set up and organized, but I really am enjoying having my studio out of the house.  It has been a nice separation of my life and work– even though it does seem that I work all the time.  Moving is such a hassle, but it is so refreshing to purge things that you don’t need and organize your things into a functional space.  I share a space with A Simple Tree Custom Framing and Charleston Art Brokers, which are two local companies that you NEED to check out.  My studio is available to visit by appointment only, which allows me to schedule around my shows and time spent designing and manufacturing.  If you want to come shop for yourself or grab a quick gift you can now visit the Showroom.  I will also be scheduling appointments for custom orders as well bridal and wedding designs.

Last week was the Grand Opening party and we had such an amazing turnout. It was an absolute blast filled with friends, good food, cold drinks, and live music by These Old Souls.  Thank you to everyone who showed their support for this next step for me.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, I took some photos of my new space.  If you would like to come see the Hermosa Jewelry Studio + Showroom for yourself at 1304 Erckmann Drive, Suite D, Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Simply make an appointment with me via email ( or by phone (843.696.3449).  Enjoy your virtual tour!


Hermosa Jewelry Showroom| Mt Pleasant SC

Hermosa Jewelry Showroom| Mt Pleasant SC

Hermosa Jewelry Showroom| Mt Pleasant SC

Hermosa Jewelry Showroom| Mt Pleasant SC

Hermosa Jewelry Showroom| Mt Pleasant SC


When you walk in, this is the entry table.

Hermosa Jewelry Studio | Mt Pleasant SC

My desk

Hermosa Jewelry Studio10

I repurposed a 1950s Hamilton letterpress cabinet into a organized bead cabinet.  This took FOREVER, but was so worth it.  These shelves I bought on Craigslist and are from the oldest liquor store in downtown Charleston.  I sanded them down and stained them.

Hermosa Jewelry Studio08

An inside view of my bead cabinet.  It is my favorite thing in my studio.

Hermosa Jewelry Studio | Mt Pleasant SC

This is the Hermosa jewel wall filled with materials that need to be restrung.  This custom framed pegboard was built by Pate of Salt Marsh Renovations.

Hermosa Jewelry Studio | Mt Pleasant SC

This is the manufacturing table where all the “magic happens.”

Hermosa Jewelry Studio | Mt Pleasant SC
This is my jewelers bench that was given to me by one of my mentors in Denver.Hermosa Jewelry Studio | Mt Pleasant SC

There are two rooms- one is the studio and one is the showroom which I tried to capture is this view.

Hermosa Jewelry Studio12

Hope you think the Hermosa Jewelry Studio + Showroom as awesome as I do!  Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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Custom Button Project: Before and After

Custom jewelry is one of my specialties.  These custom projects help me grow as a jewelry designer as each one is a challenge and is usually something new to me.   Many people have something special passed down from generations that is just sitting in a drawer.  Why not repurpose and remake it into something wearable ?  Each of these projects have a special story to them, which makes me all the more invested to make something spectacular.

I’d like to share my most recent custom project that I did for my Zeta Tau Alpha sister, Lindsey Brown.  Lindsey contacted me about making custom Christmas presents for her family out of saved buttons from her Grandfather’s Air Force jacket.

Air Force Buttons | Hermosa Jewelry


Air Force Project | Hermosa Jewelry


Here is a little background on Lindsey’s grandfather and exactly where those buttons came from.  Charles Waddell Redfearn served in the United States Military for 26 years.  Six of those years were dedicated to the Navy and twenty years in the Air Force flying the F4-E “Phantom”, logging more than 4,500 flying hours.  He served during World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War.  During the Vietnam War, he flew as a “Wild Weasel” fighter pilot, which was a highly recognized special group of pilots flying close air support missions prior to ground troops entering the combat zone.  During this time, he was stationed in both Vietnam and Thailand.  While in Thailand, he received the Thai Medal of Honor and acted as the Battle Staff Commander and Director, Tactical Analysis.  Several of his additional decorations included the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal and Air Force Commendation Medal.  He retired at the young age of 48 as a full Bird Colonel.

Custom Hermosa Jewelry Necklaces

Lindsey gave me a lot of direction for each design for each one of her family members (she is an avid Hermosa follower).  She helped me with color and stone choices, and I incorporated the buttons into my normal designs.  We ended up with three long necklaces, two short necklaces, two delicate chain necklaces, and two pairs of post earrings.Hermosa Jewelry Custom Button Necklaces DSC_0088

Lindsey was so excited to give these to her two sisters, mom, and grandmother for Christmas.  Here are all the girls together in their custom button necklaces!  Lindsey texted me the day of: “The necklaces were such a hit! Everyone LOVES them all and told me to tell you what a wonderful job that you did.  Thanks for all your hard work. ”  Lindsey put a lot of time and effort into this project as well and was such a pleasure to work with.  I’m honored to have brought life back to these buttons for them to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Hermosa Jewelry | Custom Button Jewelry

Hermosa Jewelry | Custom button Jewelry

Hermosa Jewelry | Custom Button Jewelry

These kind of projects are what makes my job so fulfilling.  If you have an idea for a custom project, email me at!


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Charleston Strong Jewelry

Almost three months ago, Charleston was changed forever.  On June 17, Dylann Roof attended a prayer service at the Mother Emanuel AME Church and killed nine people and injured one.  I remember waking up the next day scared, upset, and in disbelief.  The gunman had not been found and the lives of nine souls had been taken in Charleston, the Holy City.  Dylann was eventually caught in North Carolina which brought a hint of peace, but the healing of our city had just begun.  It was uplifting to see the people of Charleston come together through prayer, unity, and love.  There were no riots, no looting or destroying of property.  Instead, there were prayers, vigils, church services, unity chains, and fundraising.  Everything was handled with such grace and respect.  It made me feel like maybe there is actually hope for our world.

This tragedy really hit home for me, as I grew up in Charleston.  I felt the urge to do something, to help those families of the victims in any way that I could.  It was moving to hear each of the victims’ families forgive Dylann for taking the lives of their loved ones.  Chris Singleton, the son of victim Sharonda Coleman-Singleton responded to the outpouring of support saying:

“Love is always stronger than hate, so if we just love the way my mom would, then the hate won’t be anywhere close to where love is.  We’ve come together as a community to try to get past these things. A tragedy has happened, but life is going to go on and things are going to get better.”

It put things into perspective for me when thinking about forgiveness in my own life.  It made me realize how short life really is and how precious my family and friends are to me.  Things can change in an instant.  As a jewelry designer, I am able to channel my emotions and express myself through my jewelry.  I designed these Charleston Strong crosses to not only honor those victims who lost their lives, but honor the Holy City and our community.  This is the first design that I have mass produced, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.  I am donating a portion of the proceeds for every piece of Charleston Strong jewelry sold to the Lowcountry Ministries Fund, an initiative of the Palmetto Project and the City of Charleston.

Charleston Strong jewelry is available to purchase online on the Hermosa Jewelry website or downtown Charleston at Sapphire Boutique.

Shop Charleston Strong Jewelry

Charleston Strong Necklace | Hermosa Jewelry
Photo: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay Photography
Charleston Strong Necklace | Hermosa Jewelry
Photo: Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay Photography
Charleston Strong Jewelry | Hermosa Jewelry
Photo: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay Photography
Charleston Strong Bracelet | Hermosa Jewelry
Photo: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay Photography
Charleston Strong Necklace | Hermosa Jewelry
Photo: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay Photography

I end with a video by 843 Productions of the Bridge to Peace Unity Chain, where thousands of people from our community came together on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge to honor the Emanuel 9.  It was a monumental remembrance of the struggles and triumphs of our city and a celebration of our unity while embracing our diversity.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about Charleston!

God bless,

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Transformation Tuesday: Brooch Necklace

My client, Paula Heinauer might have the best collection of vintage jewelry that I have ever seen.  Her mother and grandmother have passed down quite the array of costume jewelry.  Every few months, Paula and I go through her stash and pick a piece to transform.  For this project, we chose a thick gold chain, a strand of ivory faux pearls, a pair of earrings, and three vintage brooches.  All of these pieces were her grandmother’s that she wore in the 50’s and 60’s.  Here are the before and after photos of Paula’s new Brooch Necklace.


Hermosa Jewelry Custom Necklace



If you have old jewelry laying around that you would like to update, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


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February Birthstone: Amethyst

February is here! I can not believe we are already one month into 2015. I hope everyone is sticking to their New Year Resolutions. As promised, I will continue my “blog resolution” as I introduce you to the notoriously short month of February’s gem: Amethyst.

Meet Amethyst

The hues of Amethyst span from light pink to deep purple to translucent green, and can be found in its best varieties in Sri Lanka, Siberia, Brazil and the Far East. Amethyst is easily accessible and available in many sizes and shapes, making it a popular and affordable stone. Because of its range of colors, it sets well with both yellow and white gold, and fits well in your standard wardrobe.

Amethyst | Hermosa Jewelry

Crystal Meanings and Healing Properties

The name Amethyst originated from the Greek word ametusthos, which means “not-intoxicated.”  Amethyst has been used for thousands of years as a “sobriety stone” to impede drunkenness and other addictions.  It is known as a protective stone that provides healing properties of peace and contentment, and also increases creativity and imagination.

Here are some of my favorite Amethyst jewelry picks:

Hermosa Astral Amethyst Necklace

Astral Amethyst necklace | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

Hermosa Amethyst Tusk Necklace

Amethyst Tusk Necklace | Hermosa Jewelry

David Yurman Albion Ring with Amethyst and Diamonds

David Yurman Albion Ring | Hermosa Jewelry

Alex & Ani Amethyst Luxe Bead Bangle

Alex and Ani Amethyst Luxe Bead Bangle | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

Tacori Color Medley Earrings

Tacori Color Medley Earrings | Hermosa Jewelry

Happy Birth Month to all February babies!


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January Birthstone: Garnet

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday Season as much as I did. We all know the saying “New Year = New You!” Well I have that same saying for my blog. Over the course of this year I will start out each month by highlighting the respective Birthstone.

Although, I feel like some people may think wearing your birthstone is cheesy, or may just hate their birthstone and rock August instead of November, these precious stones all have a unique meaning and historical significance. Believe it or not, the popularity of birthstones dates back to ancient times, when people believed them to bring luck, health, and wealth. And while, some associations with stones and months have changed, the popularity has only grown.

Meet Garnet

So without further ado, I present to you Garnet, the cold month of January’s fiery accessory. Although I most closely associate Garnet with deep reds, browns, and my South Carolina Gamecocks, this stone is unique in that it can be found in many tones.  You can find pieces that range from orange and pink to green and yellow, and everything in between.

Variations of Garnet | Hermosa Jewelry Blog
Variations of Garnet from GIA

Crystal Meanings and Healing Properties

Garnet is an energizing stone that is used to revitalize and stabilize.  Garnet is especially known for properties of protection from evil, during travel, nightmares, and from wounds.   It is also known to be a stone with emotional qualities of increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. Garnet is a healing stone that is utilized to overcome crisis and injury.

Here are some Garnet Pieces I adore:

Garnet Earrings | Hermosa Jewelry Blog

Garnet Waterfall Earrings – $40 | Hermosa Jewelry

garnet post earrings | Hermosa Jewelry BlogGarnet Round Studs- $758 | Anthropolgie

David Yurman Garnet Ring| Hermosa Jewelry Blog

David Yurman Ring- $2450 | Neiman Marcus

alex and aniAlex and Ani Bangle – $28 | Nordstrom 

Hope everyone has a warm and wonderful weekend!


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Pumpkin This, Pumpkin That

You know Fall is here when “I’ll have a grande, non-fat, extra hot, pumpkin spiced latte,” is a regular sentence heard multiple times in Starbucks each day.  I’m here today, to give the not so basic pumpkin a little credit that it deserves. The truth is there is a lot you can do with a pumpkin or pumpkin flavoring besides paying for an overpriced, eco-friendly cup of flavored espresso and milk. Here are four pumpkin recipes to make this fall that are sure to knock your socks off.

When you want something sweet… Venture outside of your standard box of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread Mix and try these pumpkin oreo cheesecake bites.

Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecake bits | Hermosa Jewelry Blog
High Heeled Hosteess | Click for recipe

When you want your love of the pumpkin flavor to last past Halloween… Tell your grandmother’s apple butter to step aside, cause Spiced Pumpkin Butter is in the house!

homemade spiced pumpkin butter
Oh, the Things We’ll Make | Click for Recipe

When you don’t want to eat a pumpkin because the squirrels devoured your front porch decorations… Make this butternut squash risotto…same family as the pumpkin, and equally delicious.

butternut squash risotto | Hermosa Jewelry Blog
Love and Olive Oil | Click for Recipe

If all else fails.. set your oven to 425 degrees and douse the pumpkin seeds leftover from your carving project in salt, pepper, garlic, and cayenne pepper and bake for 20 minutes.

Toasted spicy pumpkin seeds
She Wears Many Hats | Click for Recipe

Hope your Halloween is full of pumpkins, spooks, and treats!

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My New Oyster Necklace Collection

As a Charleston native, I used to love waking up at dawn to go fishing with my dad in the shallow tidal creeks around Mount Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island. We would paddle our kayaks to the “secret spot” and catch and release as many Red Fish that we had bait for. From an early age, life on the coast in the Lowcountry made me realize how special our home really is.

Lowcountry Oyster shell in Charleston, SC          Oyster necklace made in Charleston, South Carolina

So as we head into the Fall oyster season, I was inspired to create a new Oyster Necklace Collection that emphasizes the beauty and tradition of the Lowcountry coast while also giving something back to it. I personally hand select all of the oyster shells from the shores of many of the Lowcountry’s most well known beaches and barrier islands.  Each unique shell is bleached, drilled, painted, sealed and then designed into a beautiful one of a kind oyster necklace.  I love being able to take a simple shell and repurpose it into a special wearable keepsake from Charleston.

Handpainted oyster necklace with turquoise, made in Charleston, South Carolina Painted oyster necklace with coral and copper chainHermosa Jewelry Oyster Necklace, made in Charleston, South Carolina

Why Oyster Shells?

Coastal Conservation Association, Lowcountry chapter in South Carolina Oysters are a crucial piece to the foundation of coastal ecosystems. They provide habitat for fish and other marine wildlife, filter pollutants from the water and help prevent erosion on volatile shorelines. Oysters are also a staple of Southern cuisine during the fall months as the season runs from September through December. With each purchase of an oyster necklace, 10% will be donated to the Lowcountry chapter of the  Coastal Conservation Association whose mission is to help protect and improve marine wildlife nationwide.

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